Maui Wildfire Relief, fundrising event


On August 8, 2023, wildfires fueled by a dry summer and hurricane winds spread across the island of Maui. On August 9, the city of Lahaina fell victim to the flames, leaving residents with no choice but to run into the sea to escape the fire.

With fires still burning in outlying areas, the fight is not over for emergency responders. For the survivors returning to find their lives in ashes, however, a new struggle is only beginning.

Moments like this can leave us feeling helpless, but Second Life is known for its ability to come together in support of those in need. We are asking you to do that again today.

The Maui Wildfire Relief Donation Drive will be held from Saturday, August 19 to Saturday, August 26. This will be a 100% donation event, with ALL proceeds going to Maui Food Bank, a verified organization providing food to the hungry in Maui.

Thank you for your support.

SL event:

Let's look at all offers from participants. There are definetly something special and interesting!
I will tell you about few brands whose items I liked the most.
But sure, very welcome to visit this event by Yourself and choose what you like, maybe I missed something interesting ;)
You have a time till Aug, 29th

We start our shopping tour from main entrance and here we can see ARKONA with Exclusive female dress named "Hawaii Flower" (I wear this dress during all my walk, changing texture HUD) and amazing female and male cloth from newest Mexican Collection. All is bright, colorfull, happy, original unique textures, bassed on national ornaments and culture of Mexico. Btw, all this cloth can work as perfect style for tropical, summer, beach, elegant outfits.
Do you want to see more amazing National cloth and new releases? Yes, yes, ARKONA has something WOW as new release what you never seen before. Click on ARKONAlogo and get LM. Welcome to visit store in world!

Next stop at other side of shopping walk and here we see a big Handbags Collection from ~TARA~.
Few National series as tribute to Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, Africa and Mandala. All handbags have an original high quality textures and holding animations for R and L hands from PINK MOON poses (brand for runway, catwalk and modeling).
Visit ~TARA~ booth and choose your favorite handbag! Your purchase as donation will be much appreciated. 

Current donation is already: 1 561 254 LS on next day.
Your help is much appreciated!

POTTED has a national plant pots named Tropical Tuffet and LilSass and Surf's pot plant, dedicated Hawaii and Maui. Very nice paintings what make these pots are very special and unique. Plant seed is included on free yarvest bowl. Absolutly WOW! You can grow your own plant!

This is an amazing ART dedicated to Hawaii. If you are Art Lover/Collector, you must have it in your Collection! RL hand-painted ART, strong colors, feelings, a true Spirit of Pacific Islands with ancient history, a Unity of People and Love to Motherland.

MADRAS, DAHLIA, FINCA brought New Releases as furniture and decor. These are well-known brands with high quality original mesh and special ethno items.
FOURTH WALL made a water wall/fountain in minimalistic style. It fits perfect for mix and match with other decor to create unique interior.

BONDI brought a nice hats and glasses. This is a famous fashion brand. All items are high quality and very stylish. Hats and glasses looks like for males, but actually all items are unisex. You can mix and match them and create a personal unique look.

KALOPSIA has a nice furniture, perfect for summer time.

BIA has a nice fruits desserts.

My attention was attracted by cute cats from FREE BIRD. They are so nice, colorful and special made with Hawaii Flower on front side. A really good memorable gift!
 JUNK FOOD is well-know with excellentfood and snacks. Always surprising and impressive made.

Beautiful romantic poses from SEETRA.
I love this brand, these poses and everything what creator does. It goes always in high artisitic way with a lot of passion and love. SEETRA poses is what to deserve to have and use for personal photography,

Tara wears New Release "Hawaii Flower" dress with HUD for standart sizes XS, S, M, L, XL from ARKONA. Exclusive only for Maui Wildfire Relief event.

Wicker Miracle handbag with 6 testures HUD from TARA with holding animations for R and L hands.

ANJALI hand pose by MinYi Yamikawa

Photo taken at Maui Wildfire Relief Donation Drive (sales event).


We all live on the same Earth. Everything around us is interconnected and the Earth is alive and it feels what is happening on the surface and how people behave. The worst is Natural disasters. People can't fight it, only take hard lessons from our Earth. The most stupid thing that people have come up with is War. Our Earth, lovely Gaja, will not understand who is right or wrong. It will give lessons to all. If people on one side of the earth make the dumbest mistakes, it might echo on the other side of the Earth. 

Just think about it. 

I want to send my prayer to the Spirits and Light Guardians for the help and protection of the people of Hawaii. 

I want to bring my deepest apologizes for all the stupidest mistakes that my country is making and that are now affecting the whole world. 

I want to ask the Light Gods to open people's eyes and cleanse their souls from darkness.

May it be so.

Tara, Ukraine


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